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Monument Shinto sur WAter

Rate :

The session: 45 euros

Concerning the first session:

- The rate is also 45 euros (without follow-up session).

- If you choose the option "first appointment + 30-minute follow-up session" (to book within 15 days of the first session) costs 55 euros.

Student rate (on presentation of the student card): 35 euros.

The payment of the sessions can be made:

  • by credit card

  • cash


If you want to offer a session of Shiatsu, there are gift vouchers at your disposal

You can choose either for a session of:

- 30 minutes : 25 euros;

- 1 hour : usual price.





Some insurance companies or health care mutuals offer total or partial reimbursement of Shiatsu sessions.

So, don't hesitate to get information from your organisation to find out about the repayment terms inherent in your contract.

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