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Winter and Shiatsu

Image de Igor Cancarevic
Image de Aaron Burden
Oiseaux sur l'herbe gelée

Winter is coming, slowly but surely... ​

Once again, we have to adapt, and you know what?

It’s wonderful, we know how to do it!

      Each season challenges us with its own climatic factors like cold, wind, rain, snow, heat, etc.

    Be that as it may, in winter, it is no secret that nature falls asleep, that its movement slows down to preserve its energy. Marmots (like many other animals), rolled up into a ball, hibernate, birds chirp less in the meadows and migratory birds move away towards better weather! ​

But what about us, human beings? What do we do to face cold winter?

​       Given that our activities, our imperatives (and our ability to fly by ourselves and hibernate 😊), we continue to work and evolve while fauna and flora substantially modify their rhythm of life.

           During this period, nature does everything possible to preserve itself. ​ So, it could be interesting to do the same thing for us. What do you think of that?

To enjoy winter, we can optimize our own resources, but to do this, we must be aware of our needs in order to adopt the appropriate behavior. ​

             As temperatures and lights decrease, we consume more energy. These daily efforts generate tiredness and Shiatsu can help us to recharge our batteries. ​

             Winter Shiatsu is deep like Water, the movement it is associated with. Shiatsu can be your winter fellow traveller to maintain a good energy level.

Enjoy Winter!

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