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Connection between Kata (型 - かた) and Shiatsu (指圧 - しあつ)

          Connection between kata and Shiatsu exists because the term “kata” is known by the Shiatsu practitioner. Indeed, it is part of his practice.

          Before discovering Shiatsu, I learnt katas through karate and I also discovered  the term Ki ai (気 合 - き あ い)… I will come back to this later.


So, what is a Kata?

            In martial art, the kata consists of a sequence of techniques (attack and defense) performed in a specific order by the karateka (the individual is alone). The kata must be precise and fluid. Exercising regularly is very useful to improve concentration and stability.



What does this mean in Shiatsu?

           In my opinion, Shiatsu is more than an art of touch, it’s a real discipline. There are different katas in Shiatsu. They are adapted on the needs of the individual. Therefore, it is normal that the kata (s) evolves according to the context and expectations. Each movement, each pressure, each sequence of a kata is not at random. It requires a lot of concentration, a good breathing, fluidity and precision. The positioning of both the practitioner and the individual are  very important.


          As such, you may see your Shiatsu practitioner having an attitude or a positioning similar or very close to those of certain martial arts.

          During my Shiatsu sessions, I often adopt the positioning of Zen kutsu dachi which is one of the two basic positions of karate. This standing position, strong and stable, allows me to take care of you in the best possible manner.

          Like others, Shiatsu is a demanding discipline. Regular practice, work on concentration and breathing are essential.


Focus on "Ki ".

             Let us now turn on the “Ki” concept (breath of life or vital energy). If the term "Ki ai" is well known and accepted into our vocabulary through martial arts, I think it owes it to its manifestation. Indeed, the "Ki ai" is a powerful breath (sometimes translated as “cry”) emitted by the individual at one or more specific moment (s) during the kata. The "Ki ai" is concrete, we hear it!


           So, it is easier to accept it. Therefore, we have to admit that the "Ki ai" integrates the concept of the intangible, non-palpable "Ki "(breath), notion which, when expressed alone and in a different context, has sometimes more difficulties to find its place.

The balance of your breath of life, your "Ki" (気 - き) is essential,,


So take care of yourself and It will be my pleasure to meet you.

Patricia Sares

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