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Réunion du personnel

Shiatsu et Do-In

at work

Everything is possible !

Shiatsu and Do-in at work are assets for staff and company head for a lot of reasons.


​ They are tools that can help to improve stress management, maintain a good quality of life at work and

prevent psychosocial risks (PSR).


The manager can control time while associating well-being and performance

Dedicated slots last less than an hour but are already very useful. ​


Time of a session:

- Shiatsu : 35 minutes per person;

- on an ergonomic chair: 15 minutes per person;

- collective Do-In (from 10 to 15 people): 45 minutes/1 hour.


Whatever the practice, finger pressure along the meridians can help people to feel tensions, energy imbalance...Therefore, thanks to this work, everyone can become aware of them and can work on reducing stress and improving wellbeing.

Becoming aware of yourself is already moving on differently! ​


Tariffs :

- Shiatsu - 35 minutes: 30 euros per person;

- Session on ergonomic chair of 15 minutes: 15 euros per person;

- Collective Do-In session (group of 10 to 15 people) of 45 minutes/1 hour: 7 euros per person. ​ ​


I remain at your disposal for further information

Contact: 06 62 53 79 40


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