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Matelas de yoga pliable

Do you Know Do-In or Self-Shiatsu
導引)  ?

Welcome to the Do-In(n) World!

Listening to what our body is saying is essential. But do we really do it?

Every day, body obeys stress, performs its physiological functions, gets used to lifestyles, tensions, etc. but we don't pay attention to this hard task...or to late !

So, Why wait ?

The main objective of Do-In session is to improve or maintain balance of energy. ​

We often use the term "energy" to express the way we feel : "I have no energy", "he/she has a lot of energy to spare" or "... to keep his/her energy...", "wasting his/her energy" but, sometimes, we  have difficulties to use it in a different lexical field.


Do-In is part of disciplines that can give you simple and effective tools you can use yourself.

What do we do during a Do-In session?

First of all, a DO-In session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

It begins by talking to identify your needs (calming, tonification, relaxation, etc.).

Whatever the objective, breaths are practiced in association with with stretching, finger pressure, frictions to stimulate the circulation of energy (Ki) and/or maintain balance.

The session takes place in a seated, standing and/or lying position according to the movement.

Before leaving, each person can express herself about her perception of the session.

Do-In is a gentle and simple discipline you can practice at any age.

The equipment: a gym mat and a cushion (if you need it) are sufficient.

The outfit: comfortable clothing (T-shirt / leggings for example). ​


Do-In and world of work

Do-In session at work is a real asset.

A group session is dedicated to groups from 10 to 15 people (at the workplace). ​

You are a company manager and you want to act for the well-being of your staff while controlling work activity: ​


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