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Sanitary rules to be observed


Because of the COVID19 :


  • The Shiatsu session is individual and by appointment only;

  • When you come, you mustn't have fever or symptoms suggesting Covid-19 (and also during the week preceding our session);

  • I ask you to enter the building and the waiting room only 5 minutes before our session;

  • Don't forget to wear a mask;

  • If possible, bring clothing dedicated to the session (preferably with arms and legs covered - a pair of socks). You can change your cloths in the office;

  • To carry out your session in all serenity, I invite you to bring a large towel to lay on the massage table. You can also bring a plaid or a light blanket (you may feel the need during the session);

  • Hydroalcoholic gel is available to you. You must use it when entering and leaving the office.


The office is disinfected and ventilated between each appointment.

I work with a mask.

Then, tell me if you experience symptoms suggestingCovid-19 within a few days following our session.

Photo A. Sares

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