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Fleurs de cerisier en fleurs
Fleurs de cerisier en fleurs

Spring and Shiatsu

In the spring, when the weather warms up,  we often want to do many things.

Looking around us, is the first thing we should do.. ​

Indeed, at the end of winter, nature takes its time to change, which we can see if we pay attention to its awakening. 

So, if the nature, in which we move, flows through a lot of stages, taking it into account for ourselves could prove to be healthy.

Jardin zen

In Shiatsu, the Spring season is associated with the Wood movement, liver and gallbladder meridians. ​

After passing through the winter season and depending on how we perceived it, it can be interesting to know if we ourselves are in balance.

​ Shiatsu, positive and preventive discipline can allow you, thanks to the work on the "tsubos" (pressure points), to restore and balance the energy movement . ​

Being aware of yourself is moving forward in a positive way !


Looking forward to welcoming you.

Champ de fleurs
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