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About me


I discovered Shiatsu after spending more than thirty years in a world conveying values ​​such as respect (Sonkeï), rigor, benevolence and team spirit, values ​​which are part of me.

During this first professional career, I had the opportunity to develop skills in technics created by Dr Edith Perreaut-Pierre. These techniques help people to mobilize personal resources in order to face serenely various situations and to reach their objectives.

All these experiences have allowed me to accept the notion of letting go and to  understand a  Japanese concept called the "Ikigai" (Iki means "to live" and "gai" reason).

This way of life was essential to understand and to share properly the art of Shiatsu. I'm cheerful and I particularly like the positivity of this discipline. I'm a graduate of La Ligue Nationale de Shiatsu.

To be honest with you, I have never been to Japan but I enjoy immersing myself in its culture through martial arts (karate, judo ), readings and by learning Japanese language. I also like travelling through memories of those who had the chance to go there.

Sonkei Ikigaï Shiatsu is the fruit of this personal way of life and it was born thanks to the unwavering support of my relatives who are part of my Ikigaï.


In all humility, I welcome you once again.

Patricia sares

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